Cosy corner is a geneva interior design firm...

Cosy corner is a geneva interior design firm specialising in contemporary design. Guided by your aspirations as well as my experiences, COSY CORNER designs singular interiors, which allow you to fully express what you are.

I start asking a lot of questions, finding out about you : your wants and your needs, your loves and your hates, your lifestyle. I am learning what is meaningful to you and what you want your home or office to say about you.

Services provided by Cosy Corner to its clients are :

  • conceptual and design development
  • space coordination and layout
  • budget planning
  • material selection
  • furniture selection and design

My projects reflects my experience in creating luxurious and livable spaces for international clients.

I work with a lot of suppliers and shops in Geneva or in France, to find the best solution to decorate your home with a unique style.

Feel free to contact me for any project about your home decoration, the first appointment is totaly free. Then we decide if we want to go further and work together.